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Each child resembles a seed which can possibly develop and grow if it is fed with affection and care under the correct direction. A child’s world is wonderful yet secretive embroidered artwork comprised of a large number of expectations and yearnings colored in brilliant shades of thought and deed and their reality is particularly affected by the school climate as they burn through the majority of their childhood in school. In this manner, schooling has the best effect on a person's life. It should empower the child to bloom into a well balanced individual, healthy in mind and soul.

We at Sharda International School, endeavour to give a stage where a child is comprehensively taught, incorporating physical, mental, social, passionate and ethereal development. We focus that our students turned into an asset for tomorrow.

We believe in inspiring and getting the best out of the children coupled with positive reinforcement of good work and great conduct. We centre on support, affection and enthusiasm, instead of reprove, fear and penalizing. We continually work to prosper a sense of discipline and a decent good character, where all students are required to adjust to high disciplinary guidelines and to develop values of patience, reasonable play, empathy, trustworthiness and fortitude.

In addition to excellent academic foundations, life at Sharda International School open doors for the holistic development of a child through music, sports, discussions, quizzes, social inclusion and social exercises. The activity periods which are scheduled twice a week give them the possibility for the students to show their inventive capacity, enhance their skills and build confidence.

Throughout the long term, the institution has established an environment and ambience that encourages learning, as it furnishes the students with golden opportunities to investigate and develop through circumstances that challenge them to recognize their qualities and strengthen them. Genuine satisfaction comes from the delight of deeds all around done, the zest of creating things new.

I wish the Principal, Staff, students and guardians God's plentiful blessings for successes.



  • Patti Narendrapur-Sarpatha Road, Suithakala, Shahganj, Jaunpur(U.P) 223105

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